"The family hates leaving Spencer behind, but once a year we need to get away. Liz is a wonderful pet care taker and we feel lucky to have found a place that treats dogs as if they were family. We know he is attended to and cared for, and he isn't that stressed out when he gets home."

"I feel so fortunate to have found Liz to take care of our 2 dogs!  I was pretty sure my beagle would be okay, but wasn't too sure about the "young" one - 1 1/2 years old, a little anxious, and tons of energy!  Liz was great with them, giving them bones to chew on and a great yard with lots of toys to run and play!  I loved that I didn't have to feel guilty about them being locked in a crate and knew they were being well cared for.  And the frosting on the cake?  Liz sent us pics of the dogs while we were away so we could see what they were up to!!  That sure helped Mom feel better!  While Maxx and Carina are always happy to see us, I know that they've had a great time with Liz."

"When I leave my dog with Liz I know that he is really being well taken care of. He is getting an incredible amount of love and attention and is treated like the family dog not just a drop off. I love receiving pictures of him at play and more often sleeping. Liz has so much love for the animals she cares for it really puts my mind at ease. Thanks Liz for loving Bobaloo as much as I do. And that's alot!"

"I definitely recommend Petsitting By Liz for daycare and boarding.  My two dogs have enjoyed many stays with Liz and Strider and Liz's husband Harris. Boo Boo, a 6 pound min pin, requires understanding, compassion and a lot of carrying, at 16 years old. Chewy is an active toy poodle who plays energetically with the other dogs. Strider plays with Chewy and gets along well with the senior, Boo Boo.  Liz has been great with both my dogs and her house is like a second home for them. I am thrilled with the care she has given them over the years." 

"Liz did a great job of caring for Tucker. He had a fabulous time with her and with the other guests. He came home healthy, happy and exercised. His photos showed that he was comfortable, indeed! We'd have him stay anytime."
"I highly recommend Liz Natenshon as a dog sitter.  My dog Lacey has been going to her home for boarding since she was a puppy.  Liz always provides a warm and caring environment."                                    


"My dog Peach has enjoyed play days and multiple overnight stays at Pet Sitting By Liz.  Peach loved the opportunity to run free in the beautifully landscaped yard, and frolic with other dogs.  I was able to enjoy my vacation knowing that she would not be caged up and would be well cared for.”

"It is so comforting to know my girls are well taken care of while I am away. I am so lucky to have found you."                                                         ~Anne

"Thanks for watching our dogs. It's so nice to know that they are having fun and are in good hands."
           ~Matt and Dave

"Our dog Maggie really enjoys her time at Liz's house.  She is always very excited when we drop her off, and Maggie is encouraged to act like she is at her own home.  Liz has a huge fenced in back yard with plenty of space for the dogs to run and play, and Maggie always comes home tired.  Also, Liz sends pictures during Maggie's stay, so we can see how much fun she is having with all of the dogs.  Best of all, we don't have to worry about her when we go away on vacation since we know she is at a great place with people who treat her like their own dog."

"I believe there are some unique aspects to Pet Sitting by Liz.  Whether puppies or elders, extravert or introvert, Liz tailors her care to meet each dog’s (and owner’s) special needs. The dogs are free to access every room in the house at will, as well as a fenced half acre yard full of toys and agility equipment for play and exercise. I have watched Liz hand-feed finicky eaters, and bring puppies with separation anxieties into her own bedroom to sleep while using special music that soothes frazzled canine nerves. Feedings, departures and arrivals are carefully timed to maintain a sense of calm and decorum. Strider, her wonderful Border Collie mix, a willing co-caretaker, coddles puppies, romps with playful clients, disciplines their less cooperative boarders, and generally protects and guides the troops, as does Liz’s husband Harris, a devoted dog lover and caretaker as well."                             


"Tillie is lucky that we have such a place to leave here when we go away.  Thanks for taking such good care of her."                                               ~Karen

"I can really relax knowing Scruffy is in good hands.  Liz has a way with dogs that is remarkable."