About Pet Sitting by Liz:

The proper environment is vital to an animal’s overall health, happiness and well-being. For this reason, I opened my home to dogs because they deserve a relaxed, familiar atmosphere like any human deserves while on vacation.  Aside from mental and physical stimulation, I feel this begins with a clean, low-key, relaxed atmosphere. 

I try to provide the best experience for your pet by maintaining a holistic approach to the business. I believe this includes everything from food and water, to air quality and sound environment, to play time and lounging. Food is provided by the owner, but we take care to buy single protein treats made in the USA, and organic if feasible.  The water is always heavily filtered.  I have extra water and food bowls, which are stainless steel.  Any cleaning products used on the surfaces, floors, linens, or furniture with which the dogs come in contact, are scrutinized for their ingredients. There are air-purifying plants around, and air purifiers on both floors of the house. No air-fresheners are sprayed since they can be highly toxic (especially to dogs whose noses are much more sensitive). Ticks and fleas are something we fight but in a way that is safe to your dog! 
The backyard is completely fenced in and we don’t use herbicides or pesticides it. Acoustic environment can make a big difference in state of mind. The house is usually pretty quiet and low key for the dogs, but I make use of specially arranged music from Through a Dog’s Ear that can relax the nervous or hyper-aroused pet; sound to physiologically soothe body and mind. It is ordinarily used at night when the dogs go to bed after a day of heavy play, or even heavy napping!

I believe safety begins with a harmonious group of dogs, along with careful supervision and management, which is why I always perform a meet and greet before accepting a dog. Coming to board or play at a new place with new people, new dogs, new sights and new sounds can by daunting, so we never force interaction. If a dog is nervous and wants to be alone until she or he feels safe and trusting, so be it! in my experiencing, forcing anything can backfire! Once your dog arrives, while you are on your vacation, I invite you to see what your pets’ vacation looks like on my Pet Sitting by Liz Facebook page. 

Although, my primary focus is the enjoyment of the pets boarding and attending daycare, I will do in-home visits for cats and other small animals if within the a few miles radius of my home.  If I do go out on a short job, the dogs are all separated and behind closed doors for piece of mind that no dog is playing with another unsupervised.