​​​​Food For Thought!

Daycare and boarding in a home is a wonderful option for dogs as it provides wonderful exercise and stimulation. It can help improve good behavior and teach doggy ettiquette. Social skills often increase and dogs become more at ease around other dogs.  This is a time where dogs can, ideally, play together without stress or pressure. 

Dogs are quite like people, there are introverts and extroverts. Not all dogs get along with each other creating an improper environment of unwanted behavior and high stress. When dealing with dogs, there are many variables and many different personalities thrown together. To ensure safety and happiness for all dogs involved, without tension or emotional trauma, here are a few things to think about and discuss before you book, with us or any other boarding/daycare facility:

Is your dog shy of humans or other dogs?

How often does your dog get to socialize with other dogs?

What does your dog do upon first seeing another dog?

How does your dog react/play with other dogs? Is your dog good at reading signals?

How is your dog with a “dominant” dog?

Does your dog like to play with another dog? Exist in a group?

How does your dog handle high stress situations?