​​​​About Pet Sitting by Liz

At Pet Sitting by Liz we emphasize premium, individualistic care with minimal amounts of dogs at any given time.

We serve the Boston metro area and surrounding towns.

Constantly focusing on serenity and stress-free atmosphere, music (Through a Dog’s Ear) is played in the fully furnished rooms each night. The dogs are offered healthy, freeze dried, single protein treats made in the USA. Water is in constant supply and is often filtered. Shampoo and pet wipes are all natural, gentle products.  Tick and mosquito treatments for the yard are non-toxic and we do not use any toxic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on the lawn.   

Every aspect of safety and happiness is addressed to the best of our ability.
As part of the intake process, my dog Strider and I will meet you and your dog. I have found that how a dog interacts with Strider is an excellent measure of how he or she will fit into our ever-changing pack. Safety is our utmost priority, and a harmonious group of dogs is key to that, as well as careful supervision and management. If that meeting goes well, we will be happy to schedule your dog's stay.

While you are on vacation you can see what your dog’s vacation looks like! Just go to Pet Sitting by Liz Facebook page and enjoy!

Though dogs are my primary clientele, I do tend to cats, rabbits, and other small critters in your home if it is within a few miles’ radius of my home.

About Liz 

As a young girl I dreamed of working with animals. Though I currently hold a BA in English, double MAs in Near Eastern Judaic Studies, and Social Work, as well as a LCSW licensure, it took me all that while to truly find my niche. My priority is the comfort of your pet!

The proper environment is vital to an animal’s overall health and welfare. In 2008, I opened my home to dogs because they deserve a relaxed, familiar atmosphere when experiencing an upset of their normal routine. A kennel can be a stressful, noisy atmosphere which can drive a dog over his stress or fear threshold creating heightened anxiety, fearfulness, increased reactiveness, and other unwanted behaviors.

Dogs have their own communication style and language.  In order to bond with them more completely, communicate with them optimally, and hone in on their emotional and physical status at any given moment, one must become highly fluent in dog language as if in any other foreign language.  In order to bring a higher standard of care to dogs, I strive to study their signals, body language, vocalizations, and behavior so that their needs are met in the way that suits their immediate state of being.  With constant physical and mental communication, I can assess what is needed and create a relaxed, but more importantly, safe environment both physically and emotionally. I believe that a continuing education is an important part of my job, both as a pet sitter and a pet parent.  

Strider is my four legged sweetheart, partner and furry shadow.  He is a brilliant, loyal, hard working 60 lb Border Collie Mix..  Attuned to the needs of the dogs, he will play gently with little ones and go all out with the ones his own size.  Fairness is his game, as he does not like bullying or unfair play. He is a stickler for doggy etiquette.